Twin Tube Gold

Twin Tube infrared (IR) elements from Soneko USA Inc., provide a cost effective solution for dryer lamp replacement and other systems that use Twin Tube infrared emitters.

soneko twin tube gold - 2 endsSoneko USA provides a range of Twin Tube infrared heaters with various wavelengths, short wave infrared and medium wave.

Short Wave – Short wave infrared radiation penetrates deeply into materials. The short wave element has a maximum heating rate of 100 watts per inch. In the twin tube configuration, the maximum heating rate is 200 watts per inch. It is available in many different configurations.

twin tube gold sketch

Medium Wave – Medium wave radiation is absorbed more strongly at the surface and into thin films. The medium wave filament has heating rates of up to 50 watts per inch, which in the twin tube configuration allows for maximum heating rates of 100 watts per inch. The correct wavelength of infrared will significantly influence the efficiency of the heating process. Perfectly matched infrared heaters can allow energy savings. Lamp lengths of up to 80 inches are possible.

Soneko USA stocks many common configurations of Twin Tube lamps including short, medium and Rapido™ wave lengths.

Our ability to custom create Twin Tube lamps makes us the perfect source for hard to find lamps and new designs. To receive a quote, please click hereSoneko - Twin Tube Gold Lamps