Reflectors for Targeted Heating

Gold Reflector

Gold as a reflector material offers the highest reflectivity of any material in the infrared spectrum. Gold redirects infrared radiation to the products to be heated. Redirecting of stray radiation and gold’s high efficiency in reflection work together to provide effective, targeted heating.

White Reflector

The white reflector is ceramic. The main material of the white reflector is Al2O3 and SiO2 . It can withstand 900°C and will not become yellow over time.

With the white reflector about 75 percent of the radiation is directed at the product surface. With the gold reflector 93 percent is directed at the product surface when the lamp is first installed, however as the gold evaporates off that 93 percent begins to decrease. The speed at which this happens is determined by the internal temperature of the oven. The white reflector does not evaporate and remains at the 75 percent for the life of the lamp.