Rapido™ Infrared Lamp

The Rapido™ is an evolutionary medium wave lamp that heats up in less than a second with 130 watts per inch of intensity. It has many benefits over its IR emitter counterparts.

Rapido lit lampsA new emitter, the Rapido™ lamp has been developed to combine many of the advantages of short wave and medium wave technology. A large filament emitting area, coupled with a lower operating temperature filament offers high heating rates in the medium wavelength range. This lamp has high heating rates in up to 130 watts per inch and has instant on and off capabilities similar to a short wave lamp.

The Rapido™ has approximately 6 times the emitting surface area as compared with a short wave lamp. That allows the filament temperature to operate at much lower temperatures while providing 130 watts per inch of infrared heat. The lower color temperature eliminates most of the visible light, and shifts the wavelength towards the medium wavelength ranges. The Rapido™ is a sealed construction, like the short wave and has a life expectancy of 5000 hours.

Benefits of Rapido™ Lamps

Rapido IR lamps

The Rapido™ lamp combines the benefits of fast response and high heating density of the short wave lamp with the absorption characteristics of the medium wave emitters. The table below compares the Rapido with the other emitters.

Infrared Emitter Benefits
Short Wave Quartz Halogen Lamp
  • High heating rates (up to 200 watts per inch
  • Instant on/off (seconds)
  • Penetrating heat in polymers
Rapido™ Lamp
  • High heating rates (up to 130 watts per inch)
  • Instant on/off (seconds)
  • Strong surface absorption by water and polymers
  • Non-color selective
  • Orange color emission (no glare)
Meduim Wave – Tube or Panel
  • Strong absorption by water and polymers
  • Non-color selective
  • Orange to no visible light nor glare

In addition, the Rapido™ overcomes the primary drawbacks of short wave lamps and other medium wave emitters.

The primary drawback of the short wave lamp is the visible light emission (glare). The Rapido™ lamp has a low amount of emission in this region, and the emission is an orange glow.

The primary drawback of other medium wave emitters is the low heating density. The Rapido™ provides nearly three times the heat flux density of other medium wave emitters, which increases production throughout.

Product Availability

The Rapido™ lamp is produced in many sizes, from 2 to 50 inches (51 to 1270 mm) in length, with wattages of up to 200 watts per inch.