IQH Quartz Tube

A low density, medium wave infrared emitter, the IQH quartz tube has been developed for thermal processes that require medium wave infrared. The IQH has high heating rates up to 50 watts per inch. The unique, patented filament design allows fast heat up times of 6 seconds, as compared with 30 seconds for conventional quartz tubes.

The IQH tube produces mostly medium to long wavelength infrared, with a filament temperature from 700 to 1000 °C (973 to 1273 °K). The tubes can be banked together to produce a uniform area heat. The IQH tube is for horizontal burn applications only. The filament wire is an iron/chromium/aluminum alloy that has a nearly constant resistance from room to operating temperature.

Product Availability

The IQH tubes are made custom for each application. The specific length (up to 82 inches) voltage, wattage and dimensions are required.

The diagrams below show the typical end configurations and the specific dimensions required to produce the lamp.

Single Hub

Single Hub IQH Quartz Tube


Double Hub

Double Hub IQH Quartz Tube


Metal Tab

Metal Tab IQH



R7 Dimensions IQH


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