Soneko USA stocks a large variety of replacement lamps for a wide range of industry applications. Infrared (IR) lamps are available in a number of wavelengths and output emission ranges.

Many are in stock and ready to ship.

Replacement Lamps


Rapido IR lamps by Soneko

The Rapido™ is a revolutionary medium wave lamp that heats up in less than a second with 130 watts per inch of intensity. Read More>>


The IQH lamp is a  low density, medium wave infrared emitter that has been developed for thermal processes that require medium wave infrared. Read More>>

M & R Replacement Lamps

M&R Lamps
Soneko USA offers the complete line of replacement lamps for all M&R flash dryers, all OEM replacement quality or better, all in stock at great prices. Read More>>

Twin Tube Gold

Soneko - Twin Tube Gold Lamps

The twin tube emitter can be supplied with either a short or medium wavelength filament. Read More>>

Ruby Red Quartz

Soneko Bulbs - Ruby Red

The ruby quartz filters out the unwanted glare, while allowing the infrared heat to pass through. Read More>>

PET Lamps

(Polyethylene Terephthalate) are used for plastic container manufacturing e.g. plastic bottles. Read More>>

Specialty Lamps

Soneko Specialty Lamps

The staff at Soneko USA can help develop infrared lamp designs to meet unique and specific requirements. Read More>>